ultimate fairings faq

Q: What's the difference between injection mold and compression mold fairings?
A: Compression mold fairing is when plastic is forced to conform to the shape of a heated mold. Injection mold is when heated (melted) plastic is injected or poured into a cool mold; it's then left to set and cool and provides a more accurate fitment. the best option for aftermarket fairings.

Q: Why is High Grade ABS Plastic the Best Choice?
A: High Grade ABS plastic is super lightweight, making it a better option than fiberglass or other heavier materials. The only thing is you need to differentiate between run of the mill ABS plastic that you see on eBay other websites and high grade ABS plastic which is imported from Japan.

Q: What's included in a complete fairing kit? 
A: All bodywork panels are included in the fairing kit. We do are best to take a photo of everything that you will receive. If you have questions about a specific fairing and what is included, don’t hesitate to ask. The hardware (bolts and nuts) tank cover and seat cowl are not included. *unless otherwise noted in the product description.

Q: If the goods are damaged badly, who is responsible for it?
A: We will be responsible for the damaged goods when it is damaged during transport. We will exchange the damaged parts for new ones.

Q: Can I design my fairing kit?
A: Of course yes, our company is able to supply a fairing kit to your specific custom design. We can transform your dreams into reality of a customized fairing kit as long as you provide us with the details of your requirements in the form of suitable digital photos/graphic art work. And it can be used for any fairing kits design.

Q: How do I know that the fairing kit you made is what I want?
A: Our Company is a professional motorcycle parts company and we strive to satisfy every customer. We will provide you with professional finished pictures when the fairing kit is ready so you are able to see your completed kit.

Q: What is included in the fairings kit?
A: All fairings sets shipped to your customers include a free windscreen, which can be clear or dark smoke. Fairing sets shipped out will have a free heat-shield pre-installed and a free 5041 tank pad with the inner front parts painted.

Q:How long is the production time and shipping?
A: After you place the order, it will take us 5 -8 business days and occasionally longer to produce your fairing kit depending on the complexity of the design. Remember your fairing is made to order. When the production is completed, we will take a picture of the fairing and send it to you for confirmation. If everything goes well, we will then send the fairing by EMS, which takes around 7 days to US and 7-10 days to Europe.

Q: How many layers of protective clear finish do you spray your fairings with?
A: Our paint work includes 3 layers of clear coat for a deep rich shine and UV protections for a long lasting finish.

Q: What happens If there is something wrong with the fairings and parts?
A: We would replace the parts if it was broken/scratched during the transportation. Customers are required to provide pictures to show the problem within two weeks upon receiving the package. Otherwise we will not send free replacement parts.

Q: What happens if the injection mold fairings do not fit?
A: Money back if injection mold fairings do not fit. We strive to produce the highest quality aftermarket fairing on the market today. This does not apply to our Value Line (compression molded) fairings.

Q: How do I know that you have sent the products out?
A: Once the products are sent out, a tracking number will be provided so that you can check where your goods are at all times

Q: Why buy fairings from you?
A: At Ultimate Fairings we strive to make the best quality after market fairings on the market today. Our fairings are the same quality if not better quality than OEM fairings at a fraction of the price! OEM fairings cost up to 200% more than our high quality mold injection fairings. The old myth is that OEM fairings are a better fit and that is simply not the case.  With Ultimate Fairings the customization possibilities are endless, try that with OEM fairings!

Q: How to install the fairing?
A: Though our fairings are made by injection, they have the same good fitment as the original. However, we highly recommend you to have them assembled by professional mechanics to ensure proper fitment.

Q: Is it possible to order specific pieces of the fairings for customers that do not want the whole set?
A: Yes, we can sell specific pieces of the fairing. It depends on which part. Different parts have different shapes and weights so the price will vary. Use the Contact Us form with what year, make, model, and piece you are looking for and we will get back to you with a quote.