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5 Great Upgrades for Your Sport Bike - Ultimate Fairings

5 Great Upgrades for Your Sport Bike - Ultimate Fairings

5 great upgrades for your sport bike

If you have aspirations for your bike there are plenty of modifications you can try without breaking your bank. Some are obvious, others may come as a surprise.

You can start from the small adjustments like choosing colored headlight bulbs, which are simple,  cost effective ways to get drivers to notice your bike, to fitting new grips that keep your hands in a happy place during any long rides.

Swingarm spools make jacking up the back of your bike onto a race stand easy and quick while a radiator fan control can stop your bike getting temperamental when the weather is too hot to handle.

To stop your tank getting scratched is so easy when you fit a tank pad to act as an easy-to-fit barrier between your buttons, belts and zippers and your oh so vulnerable gas tank.

But the best five upgrades for your sports bike that are reasonably priced but can help you stand out from the crowd are:

Upgrade Your Tyres

Tyres are too often used as a way of manufacturers cutting the cost of their machines to squeeze them into a lower price bracket.

But by investing in a set of upgraded rubbers will make a big difference not only to the comfort of your ride but your machine's performance. When you go hunting for tyres look for specimens that have a high TPI.

If your wallet can stretch, then choose wider 25s rather than just 23s.

Bottom brackets

Not so long ago the only significant bottom bracket (BB) decisions you had to make fell into the categories of shell widths, spindle lengths, and possibly threading that was either English BSA or Italian.

Today there seem to be as many 'standards' as there are bike manufacturers.

Most high-end bikes unfortunately come with press-fit BBs probably because it makes manufacture cheaper for the bike companies.

However, the aftermarket offers plenty of options to upgrade. To get the best that money can buy then head off to check out the Enduro Bearings' TorqTite series. These BBs thread themselves into existing press-fit shells. This not only saves time but also your sanity.

What you will find is that they perform as well as other items in the Enduro range and as a bonus they are incredibly durable too.

Fully re-cable

Cables for your gears and brakes are hardly sexy and appealing, as a result they are often overlooked even thoiugh they are an essential part of your trusty motorcycle machine.

When you put in a lot of hard miles in seasons that are as testing as winter or you just admit that you have been neglecting your bike a bit, deciding to fully re-cable your machine will give your riding a fresh injection of adrenalin. A full re-cable will make a significant difference to the performance and feel of your bike.

It may seem more problematic than ever, because of infernal internal cable routing but the benefit you will get from your gears and brakes make it all so worthwhile. Everything will feel a lot better when the job has been done.

Spread your wings

If your bike can be considered relatively old bike there is a big chance that it has a large 53/39 double chain ring along with a diminutive 11-25 cassette.

This may sound fine because you’re a pro when it comes to World tours, but for the rest of the motorcycling world we want a larger range and lower gearing.

A great place to start is by running a neatly compact 50/34 crank. The chances are you will lose out on speeds at the top-end, but the gear for climbing will be so much lighter. If you are keen to continue enhancing your range ever further, you could always have a go at upgrading to a bigger cassette  and a long-cage rear mech.

This really is a no-brainer if you would like to plan a spectacular summer ride in the mountains.

Go tubeless

Advocating swapping to tubeless tyres can put the cat among the traditionalist motorcyclist's pigeons. It is controversial, probably because it challenges the status quo and is a technology that was developed off-road. This means there is often a "not-inveted-here" resistance to change.

As a result, even though they have been available for some time, tubeless tyres have still to be embraced with a widespread acceptance by the road bike group of motorcyclists.

After all it can be argued that tubeless tyres can be more difficult to set up. However, when it's done right there is little doubt tubeless tyres can be a game changer. They offer improved grip and lower rolling resistance.

The only things that puncture them are direct nail strikes, and even then, they are protected by an internal sealant. It seems churlish to turn the back on all these benefits. They add up to a comparatively inexpensive upgrade that can make a big difference to your ride.

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